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Mendip Mowers has a lawnmower to match every garden need. Below are the questions to consider when selecting a lawn mower.

Size of your lawn?

Small – Suitable for lawns up to 500m2
Small to Medium – Lawns between 500 & 800m2
Medium to Large – Lawns between 800 & 1200m2
Large – Lawns over 1200m2

Deck Construction

Advanced Plastic – Polyprop plastic is light, durable & exclusive to the highly-manoeuvrable range of HRE electric lawnmowers.

Pressed Steel With Powder Coat – Light and incredibly durable, these decks are made for the HRG (IZY) range of lawnmowers for better performance and manoeuvrability. This material is also used on our Grasscutter range.

Polystrong & Xenoy – The built-in strength and lightness of this extremely resistant, high-tech polymer construction, is perfect for our highly-manoeuvrable range of HRX lawnmowers.

Cast Aluminium – Provides outstanding performance and durability in the most demanding conditions. These robust decks are built for the tough HRD and HRH lawnmower ranges.


Push – For those hard-working types who enjoy a little exercise while mowing the lawn.

Single Speed – Easy and effortless, this simple transmission provides that extra bit of help when mowing the lawn.

Smart Drive – Variable SMART Drive® is the latest self-propelled technology that provides subtle fingertip control, for accuracy around flowerbeds and borders.

Select Drive – Variable Select Drive is a clever feature that enables you to set a constant speed whilst mowing, giving you a more relaxed and comfortable experience.

Hydrostatic Drive – Honda’s innovative Hydrostatic Drive gives you greater accuracy by providing smooth, stepless speed control.


Yes – Create finely cut grass that fertilises your lawn. *Mulching kits are available as an option where shown below.

No – Standard grass cutting

Convenience Features

Rotostop – Stops the blades but leaves the engine running while you empty the grassbag or move across driveways with self-propelled models.

Electric Start – The electric key start ignition makes starting your lawnmower even easier and is fitted in addition to the standard recoil pull-start.

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