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4-Stroke Technology

The Honda tiller range is powered by their ultra reliable 4-stroke engines, which are not only environmentally friendly with lower emissions, but are neighbourhood friendly, thanks to their low engine noise. They also save time and money, offering low fuel consumption and high torque even at low rpm, making sure you can drive through even the toughest earth. The decompression mechanism ensures they start and restart easily, time and time again.

Keeping You in Control

Because soil can vary in consistency from garden to garden and every task demands high levels of flexibility, Honda have created a number of technologies to make work as effortless as possible, keeping you in control. For example, Honda’s tiller range features models with up to 6 forward gears enabling you to work at whatever speed the conditions require. Models with adjustable working width allow you to adapt the tiller to the specifics of your garden, whilst the Honda clutch control gives you precise direction control where and when you need it.

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